GWIS Chemicals & Engineering is an organization dedicated to ethnic development & promotion for water treatment chemicals specially based on membrane technology. We assure superior performance and 100% compatibility with our products. We realize the importance of single point responsibility. Our products & services are designed to meet the particular needs of process water application. We are highly skilled professionals in water treatment & fluid engineering.

Our services include product design, water analysis and testing, implanted system design, manufacturing engineering, plant and construction engineering. We have the well-known clientage in this field.


GWIS provides end-to-end service offerings that can help your company develop multifaceted fluid engineering designs and products, reduce time-to-market, and penetrate existing and emerging markets. Our success in the engineering service model is determined by the three C’s:

  • Cost –Deliver services at a competitive cost
  • Capacity –design and provide systems & services to meet client’s best interest.
  • Capability – Broader skill sets that can amplify a client’s requisitions.


GWIS never compromise on the quality of work. A sense of pride is felt in all that we achieve, this reflects upon the high quality work produced for every client we engage with.